Invited by the Tof Théâtre, a dozen or so European theatre companies had great fun in creating short puppet shows or object theatre on the theme of eroticism.... Presented at the Halles de Schaerbeek in Brussels in February 2001, these shows became “The Little Erotic Bazaar” which then set up shop in Strasbourg, Paris, Châteauroux, Lisbon, Forback, Anvers and Barcelona.

Grouped under the title of Les Zakouskis Érotiks, the Tof Théâtre offers the shows it created for “The Little Erotic Bazaar”*.

Why “Zakouskis”?

Because these three short puppet shows are for adults to taste and savor just as you would the famous Russian hors-d’oeuvres—as an aperitif! They can be tasted in order or out of order, one after the other, or in small groups of spectators.

And why “erotic”?

Because in their own way these short stories without words speak of love, humor, play, and, above all, pleasure...the pleasure of looking. No lewd behavior (or very little!), no pornography in these little sketches: just a nod at the delicious sweetness of being two, providing just what it takes to make you smile and perhaps blush a little...but, above all, rejoice and be delighted.

Around a makeshift bar, the lights down low, three short shows and one exhibition give the audience their fill of devilish treats.

After passing through a giant keyhole, the spectators are welcomed one by one by a puppet and the actors who divide the audience into several groups. In this way, the whole audience sees the three shows simultaneously as they are performed in rooms and spaces adapted for each show. After each show, everyone is reunited around our bar
 and invited to peek through a key hole where an exhibit of a few other saucy surprises awaits them...
For the connoisseurs of these simple but oh so important things—which have nothing to do with pornography—they are given an evening of letting loose in the spirit of tenderness and finesse...


Mr et Mme Beaurestes (“beautiful leftovers”)

ome bubble bath, thirteen drops of vanilla essence… I have always enjoyed getting Simone’s bath ready—she is so beautiful! Simone’s bath is my little party…
Conception, scenography and puppets: Alain Moreau
Show created collectively by Renaud Grémillon, Thierry Hellin and Maxime Durin and directed by Alain Moreau

Actors/puppets: Thierry Hellin, Renaud Grémillon or Maxime Durin
Soundtrack: Renaud Grémillon
Lighting : Dimitri Joukovsky

Mr. Tiche goes to the beach

Every year, Mr. Tiche lives out his passion of building sandcastles on the beach. For Mr. Tiche, now a true master of his craft, this summer will be the finest, for he is about to reveal his masterpiece…

Conception, scenography and puppets: Alain Moreau
Show created collectively by Katia Boulay and Maxime Durin and directed by Alain Moreau
Animation: Katia Boulay
Creation of the quilt : Catherine Lubrano
Lighting : Dimitri Joukovsky

Léon puts on his show

As an extension of his exhibition, Léon goes a step further... Taken down from its wall, one of his tableaux will be brought to life by Léon himself, for he has never felt better. By staging his own most recent creation, performing it unabashedly and with much humor and tenderness, the spectator accompanies him in his indiscretions as he conjures up what inevitably leads to those long mornings of a Sunday snuggle. Cheeky demiurge, Léon brings his figurines to life as he manipulates them with sensuality and determination to bring them at all costs to where it’s so good to go....

Script, staging and scenography: Alain Moreau, assisted by Pascale Toniazzo
Création de la couette : Catherine Lubrano

Animation: Alain Moreau and Léon Knutselaar
Lighting : Dimitri Joukovsky

Léon exhibits
(the keyhole)

A naughty, interactive exhibition, imagined and created by Alain Moreau and Léon Knutselaar.
In addition to the time he volunteers doing odd jobs for the greater good of the community, Léon likes to make things... A big fan of miniature and eroticism, he invites us to contemplate his saucy little tableaux, which capture those stolen moments, reproduced in three dimensions and in miniature. As voyeurs, those of you who have more or less normal constitutions and who are interested in the subject, will easily identify with what you see!

Assistance in making the tableaux: Renée-Claude Tremblay and Fatma Girretz

Lighting : Dimitri Joukovsky