Soleil Couchant


In the soft afternoon light of a sunny day,
a man goes through a careful ritual as he sets up his last great oeuvre…
Without uttering a word, he tells us about time passing, about what gets broken, what gets losts…
A simple gesture evokes a memory, a memory leads to a sigh.
An ultimate toast to life and a dying day.

A show for adults
This show has not been designed for children and we have no intention of performing it for a young audience.
Please take note of this for all media communication.

  • © Melisa Stein

  • © Melisa Stein

  • © Melisa Stein


Conception, staging, scenography, interpretation and puppets: Alain Moreau
Participation in the script and input: Laura Durnez
Creation of music and soundscape: Max Vandervorst
Creation of lighting: Dimitri Joukovski
Light and sound: Laura Durnez
Creative input: Delphine Bibet, Thierry Hellin, Seydou Boro et les OKidoK - Xavier Bouvier and Benoit Devos.
Scenography: Geneviève Périat et Alain Moreau
Assistant to the scenography: Anne-Sophie Vanderbeck
Assistant to costume making: Emilie Plazolles
Distribution and setting into orbit: My-Linh Bui - Kurieuze et Cies
Photos : Melisa Stein

Production : Tof Théâtre - Nicole Delelienne and Benoit Moreau
Coproduction : ONZE, Biennale de la Marionnette et des Formes manipulées - Mayenne, Sarthe, Maine-et-Loire et My Luciole, accompanying artists and production of live performances - Paris.

What the press had to say

« Belgian performer Alain Moreau and his theatre company Tof Théâtre recount the moving story of a man all alone in the dunes. [...] It’s magnificent, funny sometimes, very touching and, above all, extremely moving. »

Sophie Lesort – Toute le - February 2014

« An ultimate toast to life, and to a dying day. In no less than 35 minutes and without uttering a word, Alain Moreau, to whom we owe the script, staging, the scenography and the of this show for the Belgian theatre company TOF Théâtre paints an intense and poetic portrait of ageing. [...]

An invention that is so much more than just technical skill; it’s the key to opening up the marvellous and moving beyond what you see before your eyes. Soleil Couchant (Sunset) is a true jewel: for its mood, its utmost attention to detail. This lyrical narration unfolds slowly to the rhythm of the breaking waves. »

Mariagrazia Manghi – Gazzetta di Parma - Mars 2014

« After a year of very colourful and varied shows, the Tof Théâtre takes to the stage with its short piece “Soleil couchant” (Sunset). And...we were deeply moved. [...]»

No certainty here, everything is open to interpretation, and the miracle is borne out of these many outlines of proposition, within a decor of the utmost simplicity and yet so aesthetic of an empty beach where a few odd stalks of grass push up through the sand...»

Maïlys C. - September 2014

Many thanks to

Alexandre Caputo - Festival XS/Théâtre National de la Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles, to the Compagnie des Sages Fous - Festival de Marionnettes Inachevées (Trois Rivières-Québec), to the Compagnie KS and Co - Festival des Tréteaux du Maroni (St Laurent du Maroni-Guyane), to the CDC-Centre de Développement Chorégraphique La Termitière (Ouagadougou-Burkina-Faso), to Etienne Minoungou - Festival les Récréatrales (Ouagadougou), to Athanase Kabré, to Bao Khanh Ngouansavanh , to Lorette Moreau, to Daniel Van Hassel, to Artur Ribero, to Michel Boudru, to Jean-Claude de Bemels, to Flavia Armenzoni, to Dario Andreoli, to Françoise Fiocchi, to Vanessa Charpilienne, to Simon Janne and to Julie Tenret.

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