Max Vandervorst
A long-standing collaborator...

Alain Moreau and Max began collaborating long before Tof’s first performance.

It was almost thirty years ago. Alain had just finished his actor’s training and was working intermittently for different theatres but feeling often bored. He had forgotten about puppets, about the true passion he had discovered a long time ago in the family attic. He, nevertheless, seemed bent on becoming an actor.... But then one fine day, during a common project for a street theatre company, the two of them met—at last! Max had been hired to make strange musical instruments and Alain to act several roles, one of them a rabbit on a monocycle in an adaptation of Alice in Wonderland. Following this exploit, our two fellow travellers set about creating their own street show, which turned out to be the unforgettable Duo de la corde molle (Duo of the loose string).
After two one-shot showings of this masterpiece, seeing that his fellow traveller seemed much more at ease on firm ground with his hands tied up with puppets rather than balancing in the air or perched on a monocycle humming bizarre songs, Max offered to compose music for the puppet show Alain and Agnès Lebun were tinkering around with in the abandoned workshop where they rehearsed....
And this is how the show Le tour du bloc brought Alain and Max together in a much more effective way!

You will find here a few samples of music he composed for the Tof.

Le Tour du bloc

1. Il est 5 heures, le bloc s'éveille. 2'32

2. Chez/bij Sandra (tango). 1'27

3. Suspense et poursuite. 1'34

4. Groot mama in de zwang. 2'20

5. Méditation. 1'14

Radio Tom

1. Des galipettes. 1'20

2. Dimanche matin. 2'50

3. Le rap de la muscade. 1'37

4. Happy end. 2'42


1. Cabane (valse). 3'24

2. Toutes les langueurs d'un soir d'été. 3'16

3. Vélodie. 0'12

4. Vanderproust. 2'33

5. Java d'enfer. 0'37

6. En attendant. 2'25


1. Patraque (valse). 3'03

2. Vanderbraams. 1'16

3. Wasikectratrap. 2'33

4. Vraiment patraque. 2'35

5. On the road to bed again. 1'44

6. Ainsi va la vie. 3'27

7. Rêverie du soir, bonsoir. 0'44