J'y pense et puis...

a fairground show for everyone aged 8 and up !

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It seems we've been invited to a surprise birthday-party. But here we are … stumbling into a secret we do not know what to do with. Keeping it safe ? Giving it away ? That secret has endured a great many ordeals to come out of them, not unscathed … 

This show with two life-size puppets and different objects addresses current affairs with a great deal of humanity, perspicacity and tenderness, making us think twice about our reactions to the news. Surprise !

Cast and Crew

A show conceived by Alain Moreau and created collectively with :
Laura Durnez, Dorothée Schoonooghe and Bao Kahn Ngouansavanh
Writing, directing, scenography, puppets: Alain Moreau
Acting : Laura Durnez and Dorothée Schoonooghe
Lightning design : Jérôme Lenain and Bao Kahn Ngouansavanh
Interns : Monelle Van Gyzegem and Carine Delberghe
Music : Max Vandervorst
Puppet costumes : Céline Robaszynski

A great many thanks to Niels Gryspeirt, Flavia Armenzoni from Teatro delle Briciole, Alexandre Caputo and the National Theater of the Belgian French Community, the CCBW and the Ottokar Festival, the Centre Culturel de Genappe, Patrick Masset and the Théâtre d'Un jour, Wenceslas Kaboré and to all our guinea pigs audience members who have set foot in our lorry for our long creation journey and whose opinions have been beneficial…

Project genesis

1.Everyone has the right to freedom of movement and residence within the borders of each state.

2. Everyone has the right to leave any country, including his own, and to return to his country

The 13th article of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights has inspired us to create this show. We could not stand by and do nothing in the face of the human tragedies we see and hear of daily. Instead we decided to set the cat among the pigeons.
This show aims to raise awareness in a poetic and unconventionally playful way about the issues of exile and migration policies. Through the story of two removal men who discover a stowaway among the boxes they are loading in their lorry, the company wanted to address the wide and complex array of reactions people have in front of the pressing social troubles. While the first mover immediately accepts the illegal passenger in a humanistic upsurge, the second outright rejects the unwelcomed seatmate out of fear.
Initiated in 2014, we have carried on working on this new creation in 2015 and 2016 in seven successive versions. This debate-stimulating fairground show is intended to be performed wherever we can park our truck and find some electricity in order to reach a wide audience, so that everyone can ask themselves about (the reasons behind) their reactions to the plight of the migrants.

We are currently working on elaborating a pedagogical file that will allow pupils and teachers to to better apprehend or introduce the question of migration.
In the hope that the emotions aroused during the performance can reduce the fear of the alien other and have a lasting impact on the spectator's view of the stowaway, the file will include a presentation of the show, as well as several suggested paths to help you go further with the subject inside the classroom after the performance.


J'y pense et puis... is adressed to children aged 8 and up and to the adults accompanying them. Dealing with the issue of the current migration waves, the show is performed in the company's own articulated lorry disguised for the occasion as a removal truck.

Lasting approximately 45mn, depending on the duration of the introduction and the audience place-taking, the show can be performed three times a day in front of maximum 40 people every time.

The truck will be parked away from traffic and passers-by, which is important because things happening around the truck might spoil many surprises (including the outcome of the show) for (future) audience members if they were able to catch a glimpse of them.

Audience members will be told to meet in a given space nearby that is out of sight of the truck, where they will be distributed removing boxes. Before proceeding to the active moving-out phase, a remote-controlled miniature replica of the lorry will guide the spectators and their loads to the performance vehicle.
A removal man (human-size puppet) will welcome the group at the lorry tailgate and indicate to the spectators where to store their boxes. A second removal man will assist the group inside the truck. He is preparing a surprise, the show can now begin...

Press reviews

« An inventive and surprising show that leads us step by step away from regular theater venues and off the well-worn path. Two bonhomous, very lively and typically TOF-ish human-sized puppets are awaiting us in a removal van with party hats and celebratory flags. It is someone's birthday, but the surprise guest is definitely not whom we would have expected. Every member of the audience will interpret in his or her own way the outcome of this interactive, wordless and symbolically-charged drama unfolding before them »

Laurence Bertels – La Libre