A show for all ages from 8 years and up

A very important patient in bed and, at his bedside, the retired “do-it-yourself” surgeon, delighted to be back at work. What famous patient has the old tinkerer managed to get hold of and what is at stake in the open-heart surgery about to take place? 
One way or the other, the operation is going to be tricky!
Preying on the weak and oppressed, this mercenary will spare no expense to get what he wants!
Equipped with all the latest equipment such as the endoscopic video camera, a state-of-the-art anaesthetising mallet, a scalpel, a tin-opener, a woodsaw, he’s ready to take a pleasurable trip into the turbulent entrails of his patient, to discover new, unexplored regions and perhaps come out of there with the desire to add an extra page or two to the dossier on an immortal myth. Whatever the outcome, his mission will be accomplished with a certain degree of gravity, a good dose of humor as well as his renowned professionalism!


Conception, direction, scenography and puppets : Alain Moreau

Script : Maxime Durin, Dimitri Joukovsky
Participation in the script and input: : Céline Robaszynski and Julie Tenret
Actors (alternately) : Alain Moreau and Jean Dekoning
Musique : Max Vandervorst
Lighting creation: Dimitri Joukovsky
Technical advice and image processing : Benoit Moreau
Assistant scenography : Céline Robaszynski and Michel Van Brussel
Assistant construction of the “Bistouri cross” : Florence Teuwen and Philippe Thirion


What the press had to say...

«A show full of invention and finesse, a puppet regime with the necessary talent for the job. The skill of breathing life into objects (inert)—trinkets of all sorts—is the trademark of this highly accomplished artist. And in terms of the suspenseful, heart-stopping operation itself, it makes you want to go up and give these surgeon-magicians a big hug for doing such a fine job.
Lyne Crevier, Ici Montréal

«Also very good with their hands, the Tof Théâtre brings us ‘Bistouri’ or ‘Scalpel’, plunging us into the belly of one of our most fabled individuals. Beneath the white canvas of a field hospital, the clobber gathered together by Alain Moreau and Maxime Durin is splendid, as is their manipulation of a large puppet and their endoscopic comedy. A successful operation, well in tune with the atmosphere of the festival: light but beneficial.»
Laurent Ancion, Le Soir

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